Social activities of György Palásthy MD

• Chair of Society of Petroleum Engineers, Hungarian Section (since 2008)
• Ex-President of Hungarian Mining Association (2012-2014)
• Member of Association of Hungarian Miners and Metallurgists
• Member of Association of Hungarian Geophysicists
• Ex-Member of World Petroleum Congress Hungarian National Committee

Social activities of PG-Energy

We opened the first Oil Miners’ Club in Budapest, named FAK (Fekete Arany Klub, a.k.a. Black Gold Pub) in 2015, which has taken its name from the profession of the founders: the petroleum exploration and production because the petroleum itself is the Black Gold.
The FAK aimed to bring the public closer to the oil industry and introduce the oilmen’s everyday life to the outsiders. The club was supported by different professional companies and non-profit organizations, especially the Museum of the Hungarian Oil and Gas Industry (MOGIM). A permanent oil industrial exhibition helped the club visitors to get an inside view of the “secret” of the industry.
Beyond the professional meetings, many diverse social events helped to promote the beauties of the “heavy” industry too. Some of the hosted events were: reading evenings, professional and non-professional presentations, travelogues that attracted curious people, and wine or palinka tastings in cooperation with famous wine houses and distillers. Special exhibitions of contemporary photographers, graphic artists/illustrators, which and painters have solute the virtual industrial climate in the club, with the interactive participation of the artists. Unplugged mini-concerts were also held regularly where young talented musicians or nostalgy bands entertained the lovers of craft beers.
Our mission was to blend our original profession, friendship, culture, and delicious drinks into the same colorful and varied mixture as the Black Gold that surrounds our world unnoticeably.
The FAK is not accessible physically since 2018, but a virtual walk within its walls and the exhibition are still alive. You may find the remains at

Supports with donations:

• National Ambulance Service Foundation (Országos Mentőszolgálat Alapítvány)
• Pediatricians Network (Gyermekgyógyítók)